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Credentialing and Certification in Hyperbaric Medicine

Wound Care Therapies Fall 2014 Journal has published an article, "Advancing the Practice in Hyperbaric Medicine, a Look at Credentialing and Certification", by Dr. Gregory A. Bohn, MD, FAC, FACHM, ABMP/UHM*.

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Physician Credentialing 

The Advances in Skin & Wound Care Journal has published in advance of print the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine Consensus Statement on Physician Credentialing for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

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Hyperbaric Review Course Now Available 

The ACHM is excited to announce the Hyperbaric Review Course! Now available from WebCME.


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Certified Hyperbaric Specialist (CHS) Certification 

The American College of Hyperbaric Medicine is excited to announce its Certfied Hyperbaric Specialist (CHS) pathway through the American Board of Wound Healing (ABWH).

We are proud to offer this alternative pathway for hyperbaric technicians seeking certification. 

The exam can be taken online, or click here for upcoming test dates. For additional details about the certification requirements or process, please visit www.abwh.net.


New Hyperbaric Guidelines


Visit the Novitas website, or click here to download a PDF of the released document.


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